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About Dental Printing Service

Since 1967, the Dental Printing Service, a division of The Village Printer, Inc. has served the local and national dental community with quality printed dental charts and forms. Dental professionals have come to rely on the Dental Printing Service to meet their office needs everyday.

In 2013, The Village Printer Corporation closed its manufacturing printing operation after 49 years and Andora Media opened serving the local and national communities from that point, with quality printed materials, graphic and web design services, and web site maintenance services.

Business professionals have come to rely on Andora Media's printing consultants with over a combined 76 years of experience in the printing industry to insure a balanced marketing approach across the media spectrum. Andora Media has been able to expand the product line to meet anything your front or back office would need.

All proceeds go to the foundation for Kastlerock Ranch in Paradise, California for the benefit of the children of Paradise.

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